After a new baby is born you start to notice dark circles , acne , skin discoloration , stretch marks – the rosy glow of pre pregnancy from the raging hormones is quickly being replaced by acne .

If you are lucky to have avoided post partum acne , stress , and sleep deprivation , along with zero time for skin care definitely takes its toll . Every time you look at the mirror you ask “ is that really me ? ’’

Young mothers face skin discoloration post childbirth . The forehead , nose , cheeks and upper lip appear to be dark and splotchy . This “ mask of pregnancy ” called chloasma or melasma goes away when the body stops producing the excess melanin that it produced when you were pregnant . As you wean your baby , these irate spots begin to fade away . To alleviate the problem of melasma and prevent skin damage , use a sunscreen of SPF 30 upwards , no matter if it’s cloudy or sunny . Between feeds and diaper changes there are a hundred other things you need to attend to and the last thing you want is skincare added to your “ to do” list . Here is a quick skin care routine for young moms – look pretty for those adorable baby pictures ! Cleanse : Switch to cleansing wipes . Keep the pre-moistened ones handy – close to your bed or nursing chair and cleanse your face when you get time . Try to cleanse twice a day to keep zits and blemishes at bay . If you’ve run out of your wipes , use baby wipes . If it’s good for the baby it’s great for you . Tone : Toners and astringents take a back seat now. If your oily T-zone bothers you, use the witch hazel liquid from the hospital to combat this oil . Moisturize : Use your baby’s cream if you have run out of your moisturizer . If your hormones are giving you acne and pimples, you could look at using a moisturizer that works double time for you . To treat break outs you can use products containing glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Skip products that are based on salicylic-acid formulas until after you have weaned. Use a repairing night cream packed with anti-oxidants such as green tea, Vitamin C or Vitamin A to re-hydrate the skin , making it look firmer and younger . A simple cleansing , toning and moisturizing routine is far better than not having a skin care routine at all.

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